Online Archive

These documents are scanned pages from the paper archives of the Historical Society, which can be visited in person. Scanning is ongoing, and online availability is varied.

As our recently acquired 70-year archive of Belmont newspapers are processed, they will be made available here.

To navigate items chronologically, use Browse by Date.

The navigate items by collection, Browse by Collection.

You can search the archives using the search bar at the top right of this page. If you would like to search for an exact phrase, enter it in quotes ("city clerk"). Keep in mind that the structured elements of a document (ie text wrapping, adjacent columns, etc) are disregarded by the indexing algorithm, so short phrases will yield more success than long ones, as they are less likely to be cut off at the end of a page or column. You can also search our archive using Google by typing: " search terms", and sometimes this may yield better results.

Please note that you may encounter:

  • Some OCR mistakes and mistranscriptions
  • Most scanned collections are in no particular order, or in reverse chronological order
  • Documents with several text orientations to a page are not properly search indexed

Please get in touch if you encounter any issues. Thank you for your interest.

          Sam Hosmer, Belmont Historical Society